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Looking for a stylist whose primary goal is to give you healthy hair that can then be transcended into any hairstyle?  You've found the right place!!! 


 Santé Hair Salon is a boutique salon with a focus and commitment to "Healthy Hair"!  We achieve this by providing quality hair care services utilizing innovative and technologically advanced product systems and techniques.  Our goal is to give you the hair you deserve and the look that you want, in a relaxing and intimate setting.

We take pride in knowing that our clients have confidence in allowing us to exercise our gifting, talents and training to care for their tresses. 

 Take a moment to explore our website and then book your appointment online... Where it all begins!!!!!!


What our clients are saying about us...

~ Santé Hair Salon strives to maintain professionalism while ensuring that your visit is personable. They are keenly aware of their client's needs.  They are organized, confident in their abilities, trustworthy, pleasant, and kind.


~ As hair care professionals Santé Hair Salon is genuinely concerned about your hair care needs whether you are near or far.  Their team has strived to extend beyond providing mediocre hair maintenance to include all that the beauty industry incorporates to enhance women.


~ Santé Hair Salon is a very knowledgeable and professional. A rarity in the styling arena, they give priority to hair health and client education.  Styling is secondary (at least in my opinion).  This honest and sincere approach allows them to build trust with clients and is foundational to the success of Santé  from the service side.  On the business side, operations are overseen with very high standards of excellence, timeliness, client attentiveness and record keeping. 


Santé Hair Salon is intentional about maintaining a positive atmosphere and well kept working environment, which is a perk to the overall client experience.  Above all, clients get to enjoy conversation, wisdom and laughter, while building one-on-one relationships in a corporate setting.

We appreciate your commitment and loyalty to us and the service that we provide!